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Techni S.A. has entered the area of mechanical constructions in Greece since 1965 when the company was founded. During its business life Techni S.A. has been involved in a broad spectrum of activities and projects performed in the Industrial and Marine sectors like:
  • Design construction and installations of biological sewage treatment plants for industrial factories and municipal areas.
  • Environmental antipollution systems for the Metallurgical Industry (turn key installations), like bag houses, scrubbers etc.
  • Construction of special equipment for the non Ferrous Industry like rotary furnaces, crucibles, casters, kilns, blast furnaces, lead acid batteries equipment.
  • Construction of Steam heat exchangers for the Greek National Electricity Company (Main supplier for more than 20 years).
  • Ship construction up to 30 meters.
  • Construction of underwater ship hull cleaning equipment licensed for around the globe.
  • Development and manufacturing of marine BIOCON sewage systems and complete installations of sewage network in vessels (patent licensed).
  • Development and manufacturing of marine vacuum systems.

Techni S.A. is providing the highest quality products and sales service to ensure a total and complete range of product services in marine sanitation systems. The philosophy of our company is the design and manufacturing of high quality equipment having competitive prices always according to the requirements of relative international specifications.
We represent today the front of marine sanitation system technology. Our reputation in the marine industry has been gained from vast experience over the last 30 years.
The development and construction of environmental antipollution protection systems was the main target for Techni from 2002 when the R&D program of the Biocon systems was completed, and since then has managed to lead the way in the sewage treatment and vacuum systems of the Greek Market, achieving to offer state of the art systems . Constantly developing new projects for environmental protection systems to comply with the latest Marpol regulations, Techni S.A. will continue to pursue leadership in the selected Market segments. Our products now are sold at UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Croatia, Turkey, Singapore, Brazil, Canada, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Taiwan, Russia etc.
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