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Τhe BIOCON system represents today the most effective way of the sewage physicochemical process in marine vessels. Its operation is based on a physicochemical process under the oxygen presence for the oxidation of the organic substances, microfiltration, and the bacteria disinfection through the action of Chlorine in the form of sodium hypochlorite.

The quality of effluent upon the process completion is always suitable for discharge overboard according to the strictest legislation that is valid internationally and especially the latest IMO Resolution MEPC. 227(64) with the exemption of section 4.2 (special areas) 
BIOCON systems have been approved by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) and tested according to IMOdnv
and found to satisfy all specifications well below all relative limits. BIOCON systems are certified according to the Council Directive 96/98/EC on Marine equipment.

The BIOCON series consists of four models. All models use the same manufacturing techniques; the same function concept, principles and technology, and the sizes are based on a scale-up consideration keeping analogically the same design parameters in order to achieve the optimum performance on every model. BIOCON systems capacity is depicted in the following table:

  Liters/day Κg BOD5/ day L x W x H
MINI-BIOCON 2.540 1,32 0,85 x 0,60 x 0,72
ΒΙOCON I 7.840 4,05 1,45 x 0,85 x 1,15
ΒIOCON II 24.200 12,45 1,60 x 1,0 x 1,20
ΒIOCON III 43.850 22,56 1,80 x 1,10 x 1,60


The operation principle of the BIOCON systems is simple and very effective. Inside the treatment tank the macerator grinds and reduces continuously all suspended solids to particles of 0.5 mm and less, probably the least dimension in the market. In this way their surface area is enlarged to an optimum size and is susceptible for oxidation. Now on this optimally enlarged surface area follows the physical chemical reactions: Air is entered in the system through the specially shaped suction of the recirculation pump. The suction of the above pump provides air (oxygen) from the environment and is mixed with the sewage recirculation stream .Under a certain oxygen ratio the oxygen and the added chlorine meet in the suction line of the mixing recirculation pump and are working in an aggressive reaction under strong turbulence on the organic matter making a quick reaction possible. Through the oxygen and the sodium hypochlorite that are present all over the treatment tank and especially in the areas of the first chamber where the whirl is very intensive and in the suction line of the recirculation pump, organic particles are oxidized and bacteria are destroyed. The whole process lasts 15 minutes until another batch of sewage is ready for a new process. The effluent is passing through special micro filters which removes the sludge created. When filter is clogged then auto clean procedure happens automatically and sludge is expelled to a sludge tank which is supplied from the ship. Surplus of sludge tank has to be recirculated to the Biocon system again, increasing thus the autonomy of the system before sludge disposal intervals (usually 3 months according to specific tank capacity). Sludge disposal can be made at 6 n.miles as is macerated and disinfected, that no other system can accomplish it!

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