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System capacity: 24.200 liters/Day
Organic load capacity: 12,45 kg BOD5/Day

Overall dimensions: 1600x1000x1200 mm
Dry weight: 340kg
Operation weight: 570kg
Voltage: 3x220, 380, 440V, 50Hz or 60Hz other to be requested
Power input: 7,5KW + 1,5KW transfer pump+0,75KW sludge pump
Max Power absorbed in auto cycle: 13A at 380V
Terminal box with glands for cables and ground mounted on the unit frame.
With output signals (to ship control system) regarding "operation", "fault" by reversible contacts without potential with ability 1A, 24V or 220V.
All piping and tanks made from SS316, bronze type valves
Electrostatic powder coated

Hydraulic connections
11/2" sewage supply from transfer pump or directly to toilets network
2" sea water supply
11/4" from sludge outlet to sludge tank
11/4" from sludge tank to Biocon inlet
11/2" outlet to overboard
1 1/2" vent

Electrical connections
Power supply
From Biocon panel
To transfer pump if there is
To sludge pump
To holding tank level sensor if there is
To sludge tank level sensor

Operation: auto, display of all critical parameters at Biocon visual screen
Manual mode for any operation pumps or filters cleaning
All peripherals, like transfer, sludge pump, level sensors for holding
And sludge tank are controlled from Biocon's panel
When holding tank level sensor is activated, auto cycle begins,
A certain quantity of sewage enters in Biocon unit
Microfilter unit expels sludge to the sludge tank(ship's supply)during the process
When in Sludge tank level exceeds high level, then sludge pump recirculates
The upper part of the watered sludge to Biocon unit again
Sludge tank may be ship'supply or may come integrated with Biocon unit.
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